Playable Clubs . . . Lower Scores

Custom fit club sets based on your playability skill from KZG and others.  Whether one specialty club, a new set of wedges, a MOI or frequency matched full set, or that easy to hit hybrid iron, we make playable clubs that lower your score. 

We build customized flex ranges using the Rifle factory blank to optimize your iron set playability for feel, launch angle, and control.  Rifle irons available in parallel or taper tip for customization.

To lower your scores immediately, get properly fit for your putter; or better yet let us show your our line of premium forged putters from Bettinardi and KZG.  A properly fit putter can have an immediate impact of lowering your score by 2-3 strokes per round.

Precision club alterations for iron lie and loft; lie and face angle for bendable woods and hybrids*; and lie and loft for putters.  

* We offer the Wishon line of bendable woods, fairway woods and hybrids.  The clubs are bendable + / - 4 degrees for drivers and fairway woods; + / - 2 degrees for hybrids.

Loft/lie adjustments per club:  $3.50 per adjustment

‚ÄčNOTE:  Not responsible for breakage during adjustment process due to variability of metals and materials used by manufacturers. 

Shaft Services include reshafting, spine location and orientation, frequency & torque measurements - raw and assembled clubs.


Full lines of shafts from brand name industry leaders.  As a True Temper Performance Fitting Center we have access to the COMPLETE FAMILY of True Temper Shafts.

Reshafting Fee:  $15 per standard heads.  Adjustable heads quoted.  Price excludes new shaft, grip, or adapter.

Club Head Specification Measurements:  Precision measurements of any type of club head for lie, loft, bounce, off-set, face progression, sole angle, club head height, width, length.  Woods, Hybrids, Putters, Irons

Other Club Services