Club Lines

21st Golf Technology is a proud dealer for the complete KZG line of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, forged and cast irons, wedges and putters.  Our fitting studio is equipped with all KZG heads in RH and most LH models.

In 2018, 21st Golf Technology added Miura irons, NEO hybrid and wedges.  We carry for fitting the MC 501, IC 601, CB 2008, CB 1008 and Passing Point 9005 Genesis irons.  In wedges, we have fitting demos of the Wedge Series Tour Chrome, Wedge Series Satin and Passing Point NEO Wedge.  We have fitting demo of the NEO hybrid 21 degree.

Also added this year are the New Level line of forged irons.  These include the 601, 902 and 1031 forged irons and M-type forged wedges.  Demo heads are available for fitting in each model and the M-type wedge.