Golf Club Services

Golf Club Services

The golf build & repair shop and lab contain high-end precision measuring gauges and instruments to ensure tour-grade repairs or modifications of existing clubs, or a build of new clubs to your exacting specifications.   A sampling of our equipment includes:

Shaft profile machine for spine location, flex sorting, flex comparison, bend profiles and spine profile analysis.
MOI machine for MOI club builds and evaluation.
Three frequency meters for determining shaft flex for frequency matching builds.
Precision golf club gauges for accurate loft, life, face progression and offset measurements of woods and irons.
Shaft torque tester for raw shaft resistance to twisting.
Electronic digital and manual swing weight scales for accurate swing weight determination for existing or finished clubs.

Lie and loft adjustment machines for irons, woods, hybrids and putters.  Mitchell Iron Angle machine for precision loft/lie adjustments. 

Mitchell Tour Gage putter loft and lie bending machine. Precision measurements for putter adjustments. 

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